The Pillars of Success

Every successful digital entrepreneur has a few things in common. 
I call these the Pillars of Success because they all must be present for you to be successful.

Select the Pillars below to learn more. 


Pillar One:


It might seem hard to believe, but having a natural sense of curiosity will make you an awesome entrepreneur. Why? Because those of us with natural curiosity tend to ask hard questions, have more passion and think differently than others. 

Do you ever question things more than those around you?  Go above and beyond to seek out answers when others have already given up and moved on? If so you’ve got a strong sense of curiosity, my first pillar of success. Read on below to understand how your curiosity will make you a killer entrepreneur. 

Curiosity: What it really means for you as an entrepreneur

Find real answers

Curiosity naturally leads to identifying problems.  Not just solving those problems, but asking hard questions, many that others don’t ever both to ask that often lead to other problems, and better yet, more answers.

Overcome failure like a boss

You’ve probably heard the saying “with great risk comes great rewards.” And while this saying terrifies most, it doesn’t terrify you.  Instead, it gives you the ability to become laser focused, adaptable and more determined.

Higher productivity

You’re never satisfied with the way things have always been done. You’re likely the one to always look for a better way.  Whether that be a tool, a new skill or something else entirely. You’re always making the most of your time and find ways to always be more efficient.

Ignite your passion

Entrepreneurs who succeed tend to pick something that they are already passionate about to focus their business around.  You’ve done that sure, but you go so many steps further.  Since you have that natural curiosity, you’re always learning about your passion and that leads you to a constant renewed passion. You’re curiosity means you’ll never be bored.

Think outside the box

You’ve likely already found yourself coming up with new ideas and ways of doing things and that’s because you’re always questioning, always observing, and always coming up with unique solutions.  Successful entrepreneurs have to think outside the box because no one else is doing exactly what they do. 

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Pillar Two:


As an entrepreneur, you’ll face a ton of challenges. Some of these challenges you might be expecting, but others could find you completely caught off guard.  That’s where resourcefulness comes in. 

Being resourceful as an entrepreneur will help you grow above the rest. Why? Because you’ll find ways to adapt, to learn and to face those challenges head on.

Another amazing thing that comes with being resourceful is being able to create and execute amazing things with lots of limitations.  Because you’re resourceful where others are not.  You find solutions when others can’t or won’t. 

Resourcefulness: What it really means for you as an entrepreneur

You believe you are capable

You not only believe in yourself, but you believe in your capabilities.  You know that you can take charge and handle absolutely anything that life throws at you and your business.  That you can reach your goals and even exceed them if you put your mind to it. 
You know and own your value, you’re abilities and you trust yourself.  These traits are huge for successful entrepreneurs.

You use your imagination

Most entrepreneurs have tight budgets, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be successful.  In fact, being resourceful is an absolute must when trying to do more with less.  Not only are you thinking creatively, but you’re find new ways to work with the tools you have to make them work harder for you. 
You probably find yourself having one idea and then another, and another  and might have to make brainstorming sessions a priority.

You don't procrastinate

Not only do you not procrastinate, but you’re proactive.  You can see the big picture down to the details and you’re ready to take them all on.  Successful entrepreneurs know that opportunities come because they’ve helped make them and take the initiative.  They are actively engaged and make serious impact in every area of their business. 

Open your mind

Part of being resourceful is having an open mind. You’re out there kicking butt, breaking boundaries – much like that thinking outside the box we talked about in the first pillar. But being open minded takes it even further.  You understand there is value in the unknown.  There is value in being open to new opportunities, possibilities and reaching for things bigger than you ever imagined. 

You never give up

This trait is one of the most important things an entrepreneur can have.  You’ve probably heard the stories from other entrepreneurs about how many times they heard “no” or how they became an overnight success after ten years.  
Successful entrepreneurs know that everything good takes time and hard work.  And just because you hear no, doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good idea. You will continue to persist and go after what you want. 

Pillar Two is Waiting

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Pillar Three:


Purpose.  It’s interesting because I really thought long and hard about the three pillars and sometimes things just surprise you.  Through my research and from my experience, one thing just keeps coming up through the noise.  Purpose. Because none of this is possible without it.  

What does purpose do for you?

1. Purpose is what defines you as an entrepreneur.
2. Purpose helps drive your business and your motivation.
3. Without it, the rest would be meaningless. 

While purpose is so important to successful entrepreneurs, it’s not something that has many facets, or needs a deep dive into.  Your purpose and your business purpose are the driving forces behind everything you do. Purpose is the reason you get up in the morning.  Purpose is why you keep pushing yourself, challenging yourself and expecting more of yourself. 

Purpose: How to determine your purpose as an entrepreneur

Find what brings you joy

Not to sound like a someone all about decluttering, but in this case, finding what brings you joy will help you along your way in finding your purpose. The thought of starting a business around something you think might be profitable is a lot different that starting a business around something you’re passionate about. And passion will take you a lot farther any day.

Pillar Two is Waiting

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