The Future of Brand Loyalty in 3

Brand loyalty is a funny thing, isn’t it? For most of us on the consumer side, it changes over time for various reasons. Whether it’s an experience with a brand, personal preference, or just something we used to want that we don’t anymore.
What is brand loyalty? It’s when consumers (aka customers) continue to buy the same brand over and over again instead of other, similar brands.
Why is brand loyalty important? Because your current customers are more likely to buy from you again, whether it’s your current products or new products. And existing customers are much easier and more cost-effective to keep compared to acquiring new customers.

The future of brand loyalty is changing. Here are three ways it will change so you can be ready.

  1. Consumers are more interested in the whole experience, which means every tier of your marketing funnel must be spot on.
  2. Brands need to focus on every channel of communication to make the biggest impact and sustain their loyal customer base.
  3. Experience matters so much that in person and digital need to be cohesive and work seamlessly together.
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