One of the biggest challenges of blogging is finding images to use.

Let’s be honest for a minute.  Most of us aren’t photographers.  And even if you do happen to have an eye for capturing amazing images, who has the time? No matter how much you’d like to be able to do everything, sometimes it’s just not possible. 

While there are a ton of image sites out there, many of them are expensive and I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford that.  

So what to do?

Have a bunch of free images sources in your back pocket.  Sounds good?  Excellent, let’s dig into some of my favorites and get you armed with all of the blog images you could need. 


I’m starting with Unsplash because it is one of my favorites.  As they say on their site: “Beautiful, free photos. Gifted by the world’s most generous community of photographers.”

Unsplash is beautifully laid out and has an image for almost any topic you’re looking for.  And the best part for me is that the images are real.  They aren’t fake looking or too staged.  You can find some real, raw images there.  

Check out​.


Librestock is another one of my favorites.  It is an aggregate site. Meaning it pulls in free photos from many different sites.  You view them on Librestock and when you find one you want to download, it takes you to the specific site it pulled the image from to download.  

To keep this post completely transparent, there have been a handful of times that the image I’ve wanted was no longer available – but I’ve used it hundreds of times and never had an issue.  Additionally, I’ve run into issue with the site not loading at times, but that hasn’t happened in a few months, so hopefully they’ve fixed the issue. 

Check out


Out of all of these photo sources, Pexels is probably one of the most well known. They are focused on empowering creators by providing free stock photos.  They have a large database of photos and an easy search option.

Within the last year or two they’ve also introduced Pexels Video. Very cool sites. 

Check out


My favorite thing about Kaboompics is that you can search by color.  How many times have you looked for the perfect image, but it just didn’t go with your branding or style?  It’s a huge plus when searching for images.  

Check out


If you use Canva to create images, then you probably already know they have a good selection of images.  And if you pay for Canva for Work, then you get a lot of those free.  Just be aware, many of the images they ask you to purchase can be found for free on the other sites listed here.  

Check out


Here’s my favorite part about PicJumbo – they have a search option that is called “space for text” with images that have a lot of blank space to add text over.  How cool is that?

Check out is very user friendly, has great search functionality and nice categories to find free images.  Definitely another one to take a look at. 

Check out


I love that pixabay has not only photos, but illustrations, vectors and video.  Their site can be a little clunky but it’s worth it for their selection of free images. You can also choose which size of the image to download – which makes it great for larger image needs.

Check out

Scatter Jar

If you’re looking for food images, this is where it’s at.  Gorgeous food photos tha cover nearly everything.  

Check out


Reshot prides itself on unique, hand-picked photos.  They don’t disappoint.  So if you’re looking for something that doesn’t look like a stock photo, try out Reshot. 

Check out

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