9 Black & White Bedrooms That Are Anything But Boring

There are so many ways to use black and white with home decor, and one design will look vastly different from the next.  That’s part of the beauty of these colors. Even limiting yourself in color can give you amazing results.  These bedrooms are no exception.  Whether it’s adding a pop of color, bringing in warm neutrals, or cozy textures, black and white is a beautiful way to go.

1. Bring on the texture

White on white might seem a little boring, but not when you add texture. These throw pillows and faux fur throw blanket are a great way to do just that. 

2. Play with light

Light can play an important part in your home decor, especially in the bedroom where you want the mood to be calm and relaxed.  These sconces are not only great for reading and other things in bed, but provide a unique lighting source. 

3. Go with Contrast

We told you black and white didn’t have to be boring.  This black duvet cover next to white walls, and a light grey bed frame really make the colors pop. Add some glossy white night stands and you’re set.

4. Mirror Finish

Not only do mirrors make the room appear bigger, but they add depth and different take on black and white.  This example uses mirrored lanterns and tables mixed with faux fur rugs and throws.

5. Bring on the drama

Is there anything more elegant than a crystal chandelier? Okay, there probably is, but this really creates a dramatic look against the black walls, bed and ottoman. Paired with a realistic rawhide rug and furry throw, perfect. 

6. Go all natural

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Adding beautiful wood accents to a black and white room makes an for an interesting, yet lovely appearance. This reclaimed wood bench, shelf and rope storage make this room super natural.

7. Get Artsy

While this example also has wood accents, we’re more focused on the wall art that is absolutely stunning against the black walls. The white tree decal and the abstract line art (which would be a super easy DIY) totally pop in this room.

8. Go Eclectic

Cuckoo 4 Design

Not sure which way to go with your design? No worries, because maybe for you, an eclectic approach is the answer.  Maybe you’ll love this deer head decoration or sculptures, or even an old school phone

9. Looks like luxury

Gorgeous bedroom by @blountdesign

Is it just me, or do you want to jump in and pass out on this bed too?  The beautiful leather frame with the down comforter, fur pillows and throw look like absolute heaven. Not to mention the beautiful sketches and mirrored accents. 

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