3 Ways To Optimize Underperforming Pins on Pinterest

So Pinterest is kind of hit or miss these days, but I honestly believe they’re in a period of transition. The pandemic brought a year of devastation or unprecedented growth for those who were fortunate. Pinterest was one of the lucky ones. While some businesses shuttered, Pinterest saw more traffic and users than they had since the beginning. People might not have been going out, but they certainly were keeping busy and Pinterest was nearly essential to keeping us full of quarantine-friendly ideas. It’s a good idea to optimize underperforming pins on Pinterest every now and then but now is more important than ever with the changes we’ve seen.

While Pinterest was scrambling, you were probably enjoying a really nice boost in traffic if you have an established blog or website. And now that we’re getting out of the house and life is getting back to some type of normalcy, your traffic is dipping and well, it’s to be expected. But there are some things you can do to clean up and optimize your Pinterest account now to set yourself up for the rest of the year.

Trash any underperforming pins

On my more established Pinterest accounts, I’m looking at pins that are 9 months old or older. I’m digging through my Google Analytics traffic and I’m making a list of those links.

Refresh your underperforming content

Maybe it was a subpar article, maybe it just didn’t sit well with your audience or maybe it just needs to be trashed completely so you can start fresh. Whatever you do, make sure that the link you started with is still valid (throw in a redirect if needed) and make it sparkle.

Brand your pins

I am a big believer in branding and your pins should shout “you” even if your name or brand name isn’t visible. Find your own style and revamp any pins going forward.

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