Biz Crush Podcast: How to get over fear and conquer your goals

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Welcome to the Biz crush podcast where you’ll discover inspiration and new ways to rock your creative
online business. I’m your host, Catrina Carne. I’ve been an entrepreneur and online marketer for over 10
years and I’m ready to help you fall in love with your business.
Today we’re talking about something that probably is affecting you now or has affected you at some point during your journey. And that is fear. And we all have it. We all have the fear of the unknown. We have a fear of going live or putting ourselves out there, and it is something that you can and will overcome.

So in today’s episode, we’re going to talk about five ways that you can overcome that fear then you’re either dealing with right now or some of that fear that you might come across in the future. So let’s dig in.

So first off, I want to talk about something that you might not even realize because sometimes fear can be so ingrained in our lives and in ourselves that without us knowing it, it keeps us from what we really want to do. So it becomes this painful idea of putting ourselves out there or getting hurt or potentially getting hurt. So we get to the point where if it’s painful, we don’t risk it and we just kind of stay in our comfort zones. And as I’m sure you’ve heard from other people, part of being an online business owner or an entrepreneur or a blogger is to make sure you’re consistently getting yourself out of your comfort zone. And that means overcoming this fear.

How do we conquer those fears? My first suggestion to you is to name your fears and now I need to actually say them out loud or write them down and acknowledge what is going on. So you might have to take some time and really think about what is the root of this fear. Let’s say, for example, you have decided to start a blog and you are in the process of trying to launch it and you are just with this fear that nobody is going to be there and nobody is going to show up. No one’s gonna read it, that you’ve done all this work for nothing. Or you know, maybe you’ve done all this work so that your mom and your best friend can take a look and that’ll be the end of it. So with that type of fear, at least for me, way
back when, at the beginning of my career, that fear for me had a lot to do with, you know, fear of
putting myself out there.
Fear of rejection, fear of feeling like I was an imposter. And we’ve all heard of imposter syndrome. So it’s definitely a thing. So you need to just take the time to write them down and really acknowledge them.
The next thing you wanna do is face your fears head-on and be happy about the rejection. So what do I mean by that? So now that you know what you’re afraid of, you can actually face them head-on. So what you want to do is figure out ways that you can actually do that. If you’re afraid of launching your blog, launch it. Who cares if you only have three articles or your email list consists of, you know, those same three people yourself, your mom, and your best friends. Just do it sometimes just doing something that you’re afraid of can get you past it. Because here’s the thing, as an entrepreneur, as an online business owner, you are going to have to launch and face your fears over and over again. And it’s okay because over time it’s going to get easier and it’s going to help you feel more confident in yourself in what you’re creating, whether it’s content or something else. It is going to get easier, I promise you.

The next thing I want you to do is to get in the habit of being uncomfortable every freaking day. I mean it. So if you’re like me and a total introvert and creating a podcast is one of the last things you actually willingly want to do. Ha. The thing is you just have to do it. So put yourself out there and get in the habit of doing that each and every day. So maybe it’s you don’t like talking on the phone because all we do is text nowadays. So when you’re going to go order that pizza, avoid the, you know, dot com ordering or going through the app and just call them in place the order. Maybe you’re trying to make a sale with a potential new client. Call them up. Find out what’s going on in how you can really help them or help them decide. Either way, you have to make sure that you’re putting yourself out there each and every day in some small way. And that way when you have kind of that fight or flight response, your natural response will change from flight to flight.

Next up, I want you to celebrate those small wins. So if you’re launching your blog and you finally hit publish or you hit go on that Facebook ad or you talk to that client and whether you get them as new clients or not, congratulate yourself for putting yourself out there. It’s so important.
Finally, I want you to let your fear guide you. I know it sounds crazy, but as I said, you’re going to be putting yourself out there, you’re going to be uncomfortable and you need to be uncomfortable to be successful. While yes, most of our time as online entrepreneurs is spent behind a computer screen communicating through text or chat or you know, a video conferencing, the fear is a way to know that you’re on the right track because without risk there are no rewards. So just keep that in mind and make sure that every day you’re making yourself uncomfortable, fighting through it, celebrating that fight, and then letting it guide you if you come across something or a new opportunity and it seems kind of scary.
My guess is you should probably go for it because it’s going to make you feel better, more confident more just freaking awesome because that’s what you are in the long run.
Let’s just break it down one more time just in case. So the first thing you want to do is acknowledge your feelings, fears, name them, write them down, say them out loud, do something. Take the time to think through them, acknowledge them, and move on to facing your fears and welcoming that rejection. So knowing what you’re afraid of, you can actually go and conquer those fears because now you know exactly what they are. The next thing is you want to make sure you’re uncomfortable every single day. Getting yourself out there, putting yourself out there and getting yourself into situations where you would normally run away, but making sure that you fight through them and overcome them on your own. Next up, you want to celebrate small wins and every time you conquer your fears because you’re totally worth it. And then lastly, let that fear guide you and make sure that when something seems a little scary, you just go for it because deep down you probably know it’s the right thing for you.
So that’s it for today. I told you these were going to be short and sweet and we’ll definitely keep them that way.

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