I'm Catrina

a Digital Storyteller

It’s more than just content


An Emotional Connection

No matter what product or service, there is a connection to be identified and highlighted.

A Gut Reaction

With a great story, you won’t just hope it’s shared, you know it will be. People share things they connect with and care about.


The best types of stories aren’t in your face. They aren’t shoving product at someone.  They lure them in, and keep them wanting more.

Interactive & Fun

Combining all types of media elements, text and a unique perspective, a story can unfold in many different ways.

Repurpose With Purpose

A different view, relatable video, quiz or game, even an image can be quickly created from one well planned story.


Engagment is great, but building long-term relationships with those who can help tell your story is better.

About Me

I’ve always loved stories and the way that they touch people.  The way words, black and white on paper, can move someone to laughter or tears. How that has transitioned to not only online articles, but videos, photos and interactive content. It’s a remarkable, ever evolving medium.

Outside of content I enjoy hand lettering, stippling and the work of Bruce Monro.

My Work

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